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show great potential and we are in the top drawer among the municipalities concerning the amount of newly started businesses.

The municipality of Ragunda has a

unique geographical position

In one hour itinerary from five cities; Östersund, Sollefteå, Härnösand, Kramfors and Sundsvall. This gives you an opportunity to take part in arrangements and activities in the five different cities. Ragunda is ideally situated for businesses with a large customer potential.
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Welcome to the municipality of Ragunda

Ragunda is a place for living, staying and touring with joy. The municipality of Ragunda was founded on January 1st 1974 through a unification of the municipalities of Fors, Ragunda and Stugun. The local government is located in Hammarstrand.  The other two urban areas are Bispgården in the east and Stugun in the west.

We are traditionally known for our numerous businesses

Solid businesses within the manufacturing industry and IT


the thai pavilion in the winter
The municipality of Ragunda
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