Information about the coronavirus in other languages

The outbreak of Covid-19 has been declared to be a pandemic. Here you can find links to information from Swedish authorities about the outbreak.

Important telephone numbers

Information number 113 13

Call 113 13, +4611313 for information regarding COVID-19 if you can't find your answer online.

Healthcare advice 1177

Call 1177, +461177 only if you need healthcare advice.

The support line is answered and staffed by medical personnel.

National telphone line 08-123 680 00

You can ask questions about the novel corona virus to regional healthcare commu­nicators and healthcare infor­mants in Arabic, Somali, Persian, Tigrinya, Amharic and Russian.

The telephone line is not a medical information service, and it is not possible to get help for individual patient cases. In such cases, please contact the Healthcare Guide on 1177. For emergency and life-threatening problems, please call 112. For general questions about the new Corona virus, you can also call the national information number 113 13.


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